Printed leather handbags

Printed leather handbags

A leather handbag is a gorgeous accessory to complement your outfits. But what makes a handbag truly unique is the designer’s unique prints. This is why prints on handbags are so trendy: women want their accessories to be one of a kind and original, an accessory created by a designer with a vision. Dragana Designs caters to this need.

I started my Dragana online shop because I knew, instinctively, what pattern, shape and color would go perfectly with a satchel or clutch bag. Years of experience in the modeling industry and years of seeing designer handbags made me want to infuse my own creations with a unique print, culled from years of traveling and experimenting with different crafts.

Why print on a handbag?

When I design a print on women’s accessories such a a scarves, bracelets or handbags, it’s a chance to showcase my original art work. I create designer handbags that are understated and elegant, like the black Ella clutch bag. If you see the DD Design logo, you’ll see how the gold curved letters complement the sophistication of the 100% Saffiano leather. This unique design comes in a smaller size, too, with the name Dragana expertly crafted in gold across the handbag’s front.

I also offer women s accessories with free-from designs, like the eye-catching print on the Abby printed satchel. Its black-and-white look was inspired by the Panda bear, by the way. You can find fashion prints on my scarves, bracelets, jackets and leggings, too. Take a quick look at the print on my bracelets. They feel like a natural addition to the material, don’t they? I’m specifically thinking of the Python leather black bracelet as I write this. I strive for patterns that catch the eye yet aren’t intrusive.

Have you seen our scarves? The Zoe Gradient silk blue scarf is an example of my print on scarves that I’m especially proud of. It fuses light and dark blue in a gorgeous combination. Every scarf in our collection has a different design, incidentally. This way I can offer a range of designs, not just one. What do you think?


I’m obviously very inspired by fashion prints and patterns, but colors play a key part of my designs, as well. Our totes are a perfect example. They’re alive with colors. This is where my wild streak likes to show itself: you can get totes in metallic purple, gold, silver, blue and black. The clutches have fun colors, too. Check out the red, pink and yellow clutch bags. Flashy? I can do flashy sometimes.

My online store

So what do you get at Dragana Designs? Original art work? Check. Unique? Check. Affordable? Check. A recognized brand? Check. Designer handbags? Of course. Take a look at my Dragana online shop, and you’ll see what I mean about the print on scarves, the handbags and the designs I can’t stop raving about.

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