Cracking the Fashionista Code like a Boss

Like all the little girls of my age, in my childhood days, I always loved to play with dolls and dollhouse. I was extremely crazy and possessive about the furniture items and pretty little toys that were present in my dollhouse. I still remember that small cupboard which was filled with beautiful gowns and dresses, high heels to peep-toe pumps, to boots. I used to sew those gowns, stitched those skirts and tucked the buttons on it from my old rugged shirts to create a masterpiece of my own. Can you relate to those days too..?? Aaah! Good old days.

I am pretty sure you do, but not all people follow their passion, their zeal and their craze for fashion. It takes a lot of guts, hard work and determination to mark your name, in the history along with the fashion designer Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Miuccia Prada, Coco Chanel or Victoria Beckham.

If you search for the literal meaning of ‘Fashion’ you’ll find out that the different constant styles and trends that are being followed by various people in the fashion industry are fashion. But being a fashion designer I believe that if you work from your heart and soul, to give the best of your design aesthetics with an intention that whoever wears my designs feels happy and content and be the best versions of them. 

Today I’ll be giving you some tips and tricks that I’ve learned about fashion in this industry and would love to help out any other potential Fashionistas to look upon.


  1.   The first thing is that to make yourself stable and strong by strengthening your roots through education and work experience.
  2.   Secondly, passion, determination, and hard work are the keys to success. Always remember that success never comes overnight, it will take a lot of time and effort to achieve what you’ve dreamt offHere are.
  3.   Always keep your eyes and mind open about the upcoming trends. Stay updated because that’s the only way to survive as a fashion designer in this industry. Look through the national and international magazines and catalogs. Your vision must be very strong to brainstorm the ideas out of those upcoming trends and styles.
  4.   Never ignore your inner instincts and gut feelings. Always remember that you are unique and you’ll always be known in this world because of your uniqueness.

These were some tips which I follow and wish to follow them more strictly. Good luck Fashionistas for the better and sound future

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