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Cracking the Fashionista Code like a Boss

Like all the little girls of my age, in my childhood days, I always loved to play with dolls and dollhouse. I was extremely crazy and possessive about the furniture items and pretty little toys that were present in my dollhouse. I still remember that small cupboard which was filled with beautiful gowns and dresses, high heels to peep-toe pumps, to boots. I used to sew those gowns, stitched those skirts and tucked the buttons on it from my old...

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Printed leather handbags

A leather handbag is a gorgeous accessory to complement your outfits. But what makes a handbag truly unique is the designer's unique prints. This is why prints on handbags are so trendy: women want their accessories to be one of a kind and original, an accessory created by a designer with a vision. Dragana Designs caters to this need. I started my Dragana online shop because I knew, instinctively, what pattern, shape and color would go perfectly with a satchel or...

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Women’s essential fashion accessory

Silk scarf is a wardrobe staple for almost every fashionista, including me. If I’m wearing a casual shirt and need something to wrap around my neck or if I’m looking for a fashionable accessory to complement my dress, a silk scarf is always there to save my day. Shawls and scarfs are a safe fashion accessory that you can never go wrong with. These women’s accessories never go out of fashion, and here are a few reasons why: Easy to...

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Dragana Designs: The Beauty of the Leather Handbag

Is a handbag a woman's perfect companion? Definitely. The beauty of a handbag is that it combines fashion with function. And for a sophisticated designer showcasing her style, a handbag is a great showpiece. Years in the modeling industry have exposed me to gorgeous fashion accessories. I've loved different pieces and I've certainly had my favorites. But then came the urge to create my own. Many women have probably said, "This would be perfect if it only had this kind...

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Leather Handbags

One of the fashion accessories I've designed at my store, are leather handbags. If you're shopping for a small handbag, we have gorgeous clutches. If you're shopping for something big, select one of our totes. If you're thinking about purchasing something in between, we have satchels. Why leather handbags? Leather bags are durable. If you're looking for exceptional...

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