Dragana Designs: The Beauty of the Leather Handbag

Original Fashion Designer Accessories - Unique Handbags - Dragana Designs:

Is a handbag a woman’s perfect companion? Definitely. The beauty of a handbag is that it combines fashion with function. And for a sophisticated designer showcasing her style, a handbag is a great showpiece. Years in the modeling industry have exposed me to gorgeous fashion accessories. I’ve loved different pieces and I’ve certainly had my favorites.

But then came the urge to create my own. Many women have probably said, “This would be perfect if it only had this kind of design.” Well, years ago I decided to finally take the plunge. I created my own designs that infuse my love for travel and my creativity: designs I believe would be a perfect fit to various outfits and fashion accessories that I was looking for but couldn’t quite find. More than that, though, I wanted my designs to be accessible to the average girl. There are some exceptional accessories out there that cost an arm and a leg. Is it worth it to eat rice and beans for a month in order to purchase one, though?

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